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Sinotruk HOWO T7 480 HP AMT truck

Source Of The Article : SINOTRUK Release Time : 2020/08/24 Read:

 With the development of social economy, the demand for comfort, economy and intelligence of commercial vehicles is increasingly strong. Sinotruk HOWO T7 480 horsepower AMT truck has everything in hand! 

        SIONTRUK HOWO T7 480 HP AMT truck cab adopts integral steel frame structure, which is solid and reliable. Disc brake, engine EVB and retarder are all equipped. LDWS (lane departure warning), FCWs (anti-collision warning) and four-way camera are supported, which makes driving safe and easy.

        16 gear transmission, engine and small speed ratio drive axle build a golden power chain, the economic speed is increased by 7%, time is money, so you win every moment!
        The AMT 2.0 transmission matched with the vehicle is its unique skill. The vehicle starts faster, has higher comfort and saves fuel. In addition, the transmission also provides the vehicle with low-speed creep function and E + (high-speed sliding mode), making the operation more economical and efficient!