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Sinotruks high-end refrigerated vehicle appears

Source Of The Article : SINOTRUK Release Time : 2019/11/08 Read:

On November 1-4, 2019 China International Commercial Vehicle Exhibition was held in the grand occasion of Wuhan International Expo Center, the "beautiful river city". The exhibition gathered the first-line celebrities in the industry, focused on the display of forward-looking models and technical achievements in the field of commercial vehicles, which can be called the top Carnival in the field of commercial vehicles.
This time, sinotruk and Hongchang Tianma, together with heavy-duty refrigerated meat truck, appeared at the exhibition site, bringing different impacts and surprises to domestic and foreign merchants.
At the exhibition site, once the t7H heavy-duty refrigerated meat truck of SINOTRUK HOWO appeared, it became a highlight of the exhibition. This 9.6-meter heavy-duty refrigerated meat truck uses mc11.44-60 engine and guoliuman power 440 horsepower. It integrates the four core advantages of long-lasting heat preservation, green environmental protection, safety and firmness, energy conservation and consumption reduction, fully considers the needs of cold chain transportation users, and considers the safety transportation guarantee of fresh and meat food. It can be called the best quality, the highest technical content and safety in the current cold chain transportation industry It is the best model with full performance.