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Sinotruk HOWO TX series is newly launched, and the cab is fully upgraded, giving you a new driving experience

Source Of The Article : SINOTRUK Release Time : 2019/12/17 Read:

TX series cab comprehensive upgrade
        1. TGS cab of man technology represents the highest level of medium and heavy trucks in China

        2. Four point suspension cab, with you to experience the highest level of driving fun in the world

        3. The "big living room" is designed for the driver's cab, so that you can have a wide space for driving

        4. Multi function steering wheel - integrated with multimedia entertainment adjustment, cruise control, Bluetooth phone answer / end functions, simple and modern design, fine and high-end texture

        5. 750mm ultra wide luxury sleeper, surround curtain, sleeper control switch (electric sunroof, sunroof one button control, USB interface) to create the most comfortable sleep experience

        6. Car refrigerator, 220v-1000w power supply, electric air conditioner, your consideration is everywhere