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Seize the day to carry out the multi-channel training work of SINOTRUK Light Truck Sales Department

Source Of The Article : SINOTRUK Release Time : 2020/02/08 Read:

At present, the epidemic affects everyone's heart. In order to actively respond to the call of SINOTRUK group and do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, sinotruk HOWO light truck sales department, in combination with the current environment, proposes to transform offline training into online training, make full use of employees' working hours at home, and organize overseas employees to strengthen business theoretical knowledge learning through online video training, online document self-study, online question answering test and other channels.
In order to do a good job in the training, sinotruk HOWO light truck operation and management department coordinated as a whole, and all functional departments responded positively. The first video training was held on February 6.
Before the training, courseware was made for the knowledge of internal key products, market segmentation development strategy, recent tax related new deal, spare parts business knowledge, financial policy and other contents. Meanwhile, the trade union of SINOTRUK HOWO light truck sales department also took this training opportunity to popularize the epidemic prevention focus of new coronal virus and strengthen epidemic prevention. During the training, the lecturers wore masks to give lectures one by one, and in order to ensure no gathering activities, more than 100 video accounts were temporarily opened for employees to use.
At the same time, the training materials will be sorted out and distributed, and the employees of SINOTRUK HOWO light truck will learn, consolidate and improve through self-study of documents. After learning, we arranged the forms of examination and question answering to ensure the effect of learning and training.

The staff of HOWO light truck Office of SINOTRUK take this opportunity to actively participate in various training activities, seize the day and never lose the time, and provide favorable support for the promotion of work after the epidemic. Move forward to light, wait for the flowers to bloom, unite as one, and overcome the difficulties together. The epidemic did not intimidate us. Every HOWO light truck will devote more enthusiasm and passion to work. China refuels, Sinotruk refuels!