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Strong and strong joint -- in depth communication between Jinan HOWO light truck sales department and sinotruk Jinan Special Vehicle Co., Ltd

Source Of The Article : SINOTRUK Release Time : 2020/03/19 Read:

On the morning of March 18, Xu Xiangyang, executive director of SINOTRUK group, led the team, together with Ye Mao, general manager of Jinan HOWO light truck sales department, Wang Yuanzheng, assistant general manager, and Li Zhiqiang, manager of Lubei office, visited sinotruk Jinan Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. to discuss the depth of HOWO light truck chassis and special purpose vehicle products with Chen Yanbo, general manager, Wang Jinhao and Wang Ning Cooperation and other related matters.

        "Customer satisfaction is our tenet". As the leader of refitting sprinkler and other sanitation models, sinotruk Jinan Special Vehicle Co., Ltd. is also our partner and customer. The suitable chassis configuration, various parameters to meet the needs of the upper assembly, as well as the shorter delivery period and preferential business policies are all the concerns of the customers' needs. Only by striving to overcome the pain points of customers and providing a chassis that more matches the needs of the upper assembly, can the strong alliance be better realized and the maximum profits be created for the special vehicle users.
        Demand comes from customers, satisfaction comes from HOWO. At present, what we need to do is to integrate the needs of many refitting enterprises, launch relevant special models for all kinds of special vehicles, and meet the needs of all kinds of loading to the maximum extent. We should not only listen to the voice from the market, but also lead the market towards normalization. We should not only have all kinds of flowers in bloom, but also be unique.

        Xu Xiangyang, executive director of SINOTRUK group, wholeheartedly promotes the cooperation between the two sides, puts forward constructive guidance for many problems in the production and sales links, and lays a solid foundation for faster and better realization of strong alliance. Regular visits to refitting enterprises, stable cooperation is the prerequisite for long-term development. In view of the problems existing in the refitting process, timely communication and improvement shall be carried out to remove all obstacles encountered in the cooperation. Only by solving the "dead corner of the problem", can strategic cooperation come into being and the development of special vehicles change with each passing day.
        With the continuous improvement of economic level, the continuous acceleration of urbanization and the improvement of urban demand, the demand for special vehicles in municipal, garden, building, electric power and other aspects of urban construction and service has gradually increased, and the functional requirements for special vehicles have also been correspondingly improved. The special vehicle chassis that meets the special functional requirements has been launched into the market one after another, showing a trend towards intelligent and high-end The development trend of diversification. In this regard, the negotiation between Jinan Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd and Jinan HOWO light truck sales department is just in time, which greatly helps the new development of the special vehicle market.