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New favorite of users: AMT tractor of SINOTRUK

Source Of The Article : SINOTRUK Release Time : 2020/05/13 Read:

Sinotruk has been committed to building national brands and undertaking the development of national heavy trucks. Based on this, sinotruk took the lead in launching AMT automatic transmission in 2008. After 12 years of research and improvement, AMT version 2.0 is launched this year. The product has four major improvements: built-in ramp sensor, enhanced creep function, new starting mode, new e + mode and high-speed sliding function.

As soon as the HOWO T7 tractor assembled with AMT goes on the market, master Yan, a customer of Lu'an in Anhui Province, can't wait to order one. Three of master Yan's brothers are T7's old customers. There are ten vehicles in the team. They carry beautiful white household appliances to transport Wuhu Chongqing line. Seven of them are HOWO T7 tractors. The new 540 horsepower HOWO T7 is also the first one in Lu'an area.
The fuel consumption is 32L in 100km, the total cargo weight is 49T, the trailer is 17.5m large plate, and the loading capacity is 240m3. Three to four times a month, the transportation distance between Wuhu and Chongqing is 1400km, which saves 270 yuan of oil per way and 2000 yuan per month compared with the same team competing for a brand's 510 horsepower manual block car!
In summary, HOWO t7-amt has obvious advantages over other brands:
1. The acceleration is faster than ZF automatic gear, and the gear can jump;
2. Sensitive ramp;
3. Reduce fatigue strength, more comfortable;
4. The fuel consumption is obviously reduced.