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Monthly production of Sinotruk HOWO light truck breaks through 15000

Source Of The Article : SINOTRUK Release Time : 2020/06/11 Read:

 Recently, the launch ceremony of the 15000 monthly Sinotruk HOWO light trucks was held in Jinan light truck manufacturing department, which is the highest monthly production record set by   Sinotruk HOWO light trucks.

        Since the Spring Festival, in the face of the impact of the epidemic, Sinotruk Howo light truck manufacturing department has rapidly promoted the resumption of work and production, opened up sufficient horsepower to ensure the delivery of orders, with daily production and monthly sales continuously reaching new highs.

        From the annual sales of more than 10000 cars in 2013 to 15000 cars in 2020, Sinotruk HOWO light truck people adhere to the passion of "No. 1 is mixing", use the efficiency of "one day for two and a half days", face the challenges, face the difficulties and move forward towards the goal of monthly production of 20000 cars.